Super Smash Flash 3

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ssf3Super Smash Flash 3 – return of the most popular online fighting game. In this version you will face even more new levels, enjoy the new game modes and discover the most popular characters of all time. If you have never played the Super Smash Flash online game, you missed a lot, because this game is popular all over the world and thousands of people play it every day. Some of the even make a tournaments online and play it with friends.  Super Smash Flash 3 offers you several game modes, including Single Player mode, Multiplayer Mode, Tournament Mode, 2 VS 2 mode and others.  The variety of characters in Super Smash Flash 3 is really impressive. Here you will find the most popular characters from other games and cartoons. For example : Mario, Pikachu, Sonic and many others. The number of characters is really huge.

Another important thing is that all the characters have different attack and defense skills. Some of them can even fly. Also, all of them has a special power to make a Final Smash. Final smash is the super attack which can even kill your enemy in one strike. The controls of Super Smash Flash 3 are below :

[A]-Move left
[D]-Move right
[S]-Move down
[P]-attack 1
[O]-attack 2
[I]-Use sheild

Hope you have good time playing the Super Smash Flash 3 game at our website.